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Real Aibolit: 7+ photos of how the designer created a real miracle by returning the wing to the butterfly


Depending on the time of year during which they are born, monarch butterflies can live from 2 weeks to 5 months, but the life of this baby threatened to be even shorter … This would have happened if designer Romy McCloskey had not found a butterfly in her garden and did not decide to help her.

“I have always had a special love for butterflies,” she told the girl. “They have a very personal meaning for me. Before my mom died almost 20 years ago, she told me: “Romy, whenever you see a butterfly, know that I am by your side and that I love you.”

During pupation, something went wrong and the butterfly was left practically without a right wing, because of which it would not be able to fully fly and would be guaranteed to become food for someone more serious.


The girl equipped a whole “operating room” of scrap materials: towels, a wire hanger, glue, toothpicks, cotton swab, scissors, tweezers, talcum powder and the future new wing.

“We fix the butterfly and cut out the damaged parts. Don’t worry, she’s not in pain! It’s like cutting off a person’s hair or nails. “

“Ta-da-dame! A drop of patience and very soon the baby will be able to show off his new wing! “


“The black lines did not match perfectly, but this should not interfere with the flight!”

FLIGHT DAY! After a day of rest and active soldering with sweet water, let’s see what we got … “


“Flying through the yard, she sat down on a bush and flew away. Bye, buddy! Be healthy!”